Get to Know Us

Well over a quarter of a century ago you may have met Sandi travelling and living out of her van with her 5 daughters selling her handicrafts across the Pow Wow trail in North America. Being able to support her girls, to live freely, and to be self- sufficient was always the driving force that kept her ever striving to succeed.

All stumbling blocks were opportunities to improve, and through many difficulties and hardships Sandi forged on. Reaching out to other women for mutual support resulted in the formation of a cottage industry in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia where she settled. These women and artisans have worked alongside Sandi for many many years to develop the strong reputation for the high quality and standards of the products that she develops and promotes.  

Sandi is a registered band member of the Beausoleil First Nations (Ojibway) of Ontario and takes great pride in the accomplishments of her immediate and extended family.  Constantly giving back and offering support to others is the fuel for the fire that keeps her striving for excellence.  

It is with great pride that we make available to you, these creations, and we thank you for your interest and support.